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Restoration of a 1959 CTC 7

Back in 2010, Parts-link helped in the completion of a vintage RCA CTC7 restoration project.
The Tech working on the restoration , Nickname: radiorick, had sought the flyback transformer through www.technotronic-dimensions.com and was refered here, where one of our members recently had posted alot of their RCA spare parts stock. Sure enough , it was available in their inventory! We ' linked ' buyer to seller, a sale was made, and this project is completed! Rick also provided some pictures of his project:

Radiorick had these things to say about the project:
Success at last! My 1959 CTC 7 is up and running. Daryl's NOS flyback was installed which turned out to be the trouble as the original had a shorted winding feeding the yoke. Once installed everything set up just as specified in the service notes. I now have a very nice picture. I have attached a few photos of the set but they don't do it justice. It is quite nice- almost time capsule condition as it sat unused since 1971 in the den of the original owner who passed away that year. His widow "preserved" his den just as he left it. A bit of a sad story but one that served to preserve a piece of American electronic history. Another challenge was found in the remote control chassis in the form of two 5K ohm relays that were open. I was able to find modern relays with the correct resistance and after changing the return springs and adjusting contact clearance the four function remote control is now working as it did originally. The front of the remote in it's storage compartment is visible below the channel indicator window. It will power the set off or on, mute the audio and of course change channels. It's lots of fun to see the faces of guests when they see it in action.Thanks for your help,Rick


Posted by parts-link-research on Monday, August 23 @ 16:33:32 UTC (10819 reads)
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Mfr-Bulletins: General Electric Recalls Microwave Combo Wall Ovens
RCA GE WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Built-in Combination Wall and Microwave Ovens

Posted by dukejustice on Friday, December 21 @ 16:39:17 UTC (15043 reads)
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