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Details of the Part

Part Number : 482214010275
Entered On : 2010-05-07
Sub Parts : 3291000006, E39144, HR6489
Quantity Available :
Price (USD) $ : 189.99
Last verfication/Modification date: 2015-12-01
Verify price & availablity  
Model(s) : 1081, CM8501, CM8501/00G, CM8501/05G, CM8521, CM8521/00R, CM8521/05R, CM8522, CM8524, CM8524/00G, CM8524/05G, CM8533, CM8533/00G, CM8533/05G, CM8535, CM8535/00G, CM8801, CM8801/00G, CM8801/00S, CM8801/05G, CM8802, CM8802/00G, CM8802/00S, CM8802/05G, CM8802/05S, CM8802/16G, CM8832, CM8832/00G, CM8832/05G, CM8833, CM8833MKI, CM8833MKII, CM8833/00G, CM8833/00S, CM8833/05G, CM8833/05S, CM8833/16G, CM8852, CM8852/00G, CM8852/05G, CM8852/06G, CM8852/30 G, CM8852/35G, CM8852/36G, HCS35, 1081
Short Description : HV transformer
Description : Flyback transformer
Comments : Philips, Commodore, Amiga. New original unused part.
Shipping Policy : Shipping costs calculated separately unless shipping is shown included with price. Currently taking credit cards via phone if callback number supplied in registration form.

Sales to California buyers only accepted if payment is in advance via check or money order.

Return Policy : *IMPORTANT*
For electronic parts, no returns, all sales final, unless troubleshooting document submitted and accepted prior to purchase.
Contact us through the main menu system to qualify for a return policy before purchase is made.

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