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Parts-Link: Pioneers in electronic parts resources. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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·  What features are offered in Parts-Link?
·  What is the Open items report?
·  What is the Boneyard Items report?
·  What are the rules for forum posts?

·  What features are offered in Parts-Link?

1) Message forums with optional read / post via email functions, sorted by brand name.

2) Parts databases by brand name. Includes parts for sale by members, parts wanted by members and boneyard-junkyard equipment for parts. (Remote off-line interface feature currently in development)

3) Open Items reports. Learn what parts other members need, supply these parts, use as a tool to track backordered parts or parts in danger of becoming obsolete. Post parts available or entire scrapyard units that are being parted out.

4) Encyclopedia. Interactive part of website where members can describe parts and their functions in detail, in order to increase efficiency, and earn points using this website.

5) Points system. By participating in this site by posting parts in the database, posting messages in the forums, or any other feature, you earn points. Each point adds a day to your membership expiration date.

6) Newsletter. A weekly or bi-weekly summary of what happened on the site if you dont have the time to be on the site regularly. It will tell you what parts were posted and found (if any), what boneyard units were posted, what new members joined and more.

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·  What is the Open items report?

This feature is a list of parts that members of this site are seeking (WANTED) to complete actual repairs for their customers. Only registered members can post their wanted parts to this report. Non members who may have any of these parts are recommended to become a subscribed user in order to offer this part to an existing member. Otherwise, non members may use the 'contact us' link and inquire using the parts reference ID for the particular part, (as specified in the details for the part) in their message. If the inquiry is deemed to be valid and has enough information present, we may refer the member to contact the non member. A YELLOW highlight means our system has located the part or a solution for the member, and is in process. A RED highlight means the part is urgently needed by the member. Other parts shown with no highlight are normal unavailable parts that are in the system more than 30 days and have not yet been located. Subscribed members can manage their wanted parts via a personal interface in their central ops panel.

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·  What is the Boneyard Items report?

This feature is a list of scrap , junkyard or incomplete consumer electronic units that members of this site have in their possession, and are willing to sell parts from, or liquidate the unit as is. Registered members can post their boneyard / junkyard units to this report without a subscription. Any users who may want individual parts from these units are recommended to become a subscribed user in order to connect with the actual owner. However, if the owner of the item in the boneyard is already a paying subscribed member, then we are able to ' Link ' the buyer and together at no fee to the registered user making the inquiry.

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·  What are the rules for forum posts?

The forums are categorized by brand name specific sections and are available to any registered user. Registered users can make relevant brand-specific posts or respond to other forum posts, but cannot offer parts in response to wanted part requests in the forum unless they are a paying subscriber. Links to parts are also prohibited unless the website link belongs to a parts-link subscribing member or parts supplier.

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All logos and trademarks shown on this site are the property of their respective owner. The comments posted to the site are property of their posters, all the rest 2004 by Parts-Link.com
Use of this website by unqualified service entities or non OEM affiliated users is prohibited.

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