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Available Items Report

Details of the Part

Part Number : 482214010275
Entered On : 2010-05-07
Sub Parts : 3291000006, E39144, HR6489
Quantity Available :
Price (USD) $ : 189.99
Last verfication/Modification date: 2015-11-30
Verify price & availablity  
Model(s) : 1081, CM8501, CM8501/00G, CM8501/05G, CM8521, CM8521/00R, CM8521/05R, CM8522, CM8524, CM8524/00G, CM8524/05G, CM8533, CM8533/00G, CM8533/05G, CM8535, CM8535/00G, CM8801, CM8801/00G, CM8801/00S, CM8801/05G, CM8802, CM8802/00G, CM8802/00S, CM8802/05G, CM8802/05S, CM8802/16G, CM8832, CM8832/00G, CM8832/05G, CM8833, CM8833MKI, CM8833MKII, CM8833/00G, CM8833/00S, CM8833/05G, CM8833/05S, CM8833/16G, CM8852, CM8852/00G, CM8852/05G, CM8852/06G, CM8852/30 G, CM8852/35G, CM8852/36G, HCS35, 1081
Short Description : HV transformer
Description : Flyback transformer
Comments : Philips, Commodore, Amiga. New original unused part.
Shipping Policy : Ships within 24-48 hours of payment. Will ship to armed forces APO or other locations internationally
Return Policy : Sales to through paypal no longer allowed to California buyers due unprecedented abuse. IMPORTANT >> No returns, all sales final, unless troubleshooting document submitted and accepted prior to purchase. Contact us through the main menu system to qualify for a return policy before purchase is made.
= Shipping services available =
Please click on shipping agent logo to see the available methods.
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